Frequently Asked Questions

So what is Rephactor?

It's a site that provides electronic textbooks for learning introductory and advanced computer programming. Rephactor is designed to give instructors incredible flexibility in how they present material, and it incorporates dynamic elements that provide a superior learning experience.

Do you mean it's an electronic version of a regular textbook?

No. Rephactor provides all new material written from the ground up, designed to be delivered on the web. It has no relationship to existing textbooks. It's a better alternative.

What does the name Rephactor mean?

In computer programming, you refactor your code to improve its design and make it a better product. Our approach to textbooks is a variation on that idea. Instructors should rephactor their course materials in favor of a superior (and less expensive) alternative.

Our instructor told us that we were using a Rephactor book as the text for our course. So what happens now?

Just register using the course code provided by your instructor. The course syllabus, tailored by your instructor, will guide you from there.

How much does this cost?

Student access is only $42 per course. Instructors can sign up for free.

How do you keep your pricing so low? My last textbook cost me over $100.

First, no printing costs. Second, no traditional book publisher. Third, we're not greedy.

Is there advertising on this site?

No. None. Nowhere. Never.

Do I download an app to my computer or tablet to use Rephactor?

No, there are no apps to download. Rephactor is entirely online in pure HTML5, which lets you access it anywhere, at one convenient site.

Ok, but can I access Rephactor with my iPad / tablet?

Sure, just use a web browser. All Rephactor content is designed to work well with tablets.

Why is an electronic textbook better than a printed one?

A printed text is static. It's confined by page size and committed to a linear flow. It's out of date almost as soon as it's printed. It provides no dynamic content or interaction with the student. A well-designed e-textbook has none of these limitations. Learn more here.

I can find programming tutorials on the web for free. Why use Rephactor?

Rephactor topics are carefully designed, written, and reviewed by people who know how to teach computing. We understand the challenges involved. Other material may be well-intentioned, but is often inconsistent in quality, incomplete in scope, and simply unhelpful.

Can I pretend to be an instructor to get access to their secret stuff?

Don't try. We vet instructor requests carefully. This is one of the few issues for which we have no sense of humor.

Isn't the plural of syllabus actually syllabuses (not syllabi)? Don't you feel kind of stupid right now?

Actually, either is correct. And we think syllabi is cooler.

Your site is really terrific. You must be really terrific people. Are your pets as terrific as you and your website?

Why, yes. Yes, they are. Thank you for frequently asking.

What is 3,862.59 x 422?


What's the deal with the Easter Eggs hidden in each topic?

We have no idea what you're talking about.